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Everyone has one wish to accomplish: to own a home where they can enjoy their lives with no limitations and hassles. Fulfilling this dream may not be possible without a mortgage. IrishHomeLoans is a one-stop solution for your financial worries where you can quickly get the best mortgage rates in Ireland.

Our company provides easy access to customised mortgage products, targeting first-time buyers to business aspirants. We facilitate secured funding with minimum risks involved. Whether you need a residential, commercial or any buy-to-let property, you can approach us anytime and from anywhere. Once availed, you will definitely find our service quite different from the banks, as they have lots of restrictions in their lending policies and offer products according to the credit ratings of the borrowers.

IrishHomeLoans, on the other hand, is among a few responsible providers for those looking for a mortgage in Ireland with bad credit scores.

You can compare us with any other mortgage rate in Ireland, and you will find ours the most competitive in the market. We are committed to delivering the best mortgage experience to the aspirants, and we have already proved ourselves.

You can use any mortgage calculator in Ireland to make the comparison. The flexibility we provide has no match in the entire region because we have quite experience doing so. We overlook your past financial mistakes. Instead, we consider your possibility of better financial performance in the future while assigning any mortgage deal.

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Taking out a Mortgage! We’re here to purge any doubt

You usually want a home loan with all the features. Still, you leave with many doubts whenever searching for the right deal. There is nothing to worry about because our mortgage experts are here to advise you in the right direction. They also frame customer-friendly deals, which go part with any bank to get a mortgage.

Given below are some of your questions which we are answering here:

How Much of a deposit Do I Need for a Mortgage in Ireland?

The deposit amount depends upon individual capacity and circumstances. If one is capable enough, they can submit up to a 20% deposit. Otherwise, 5-15% is quite average.

Can a single person get a mortgage in Ireland?

You can apply for a home loan or a commercial mortgage if you think managing repayments alone is entirely possible. However, it can be risky but good for your credit profile if you make all repayments on time.

How Long Do I Need to be in a job to get a Mortgage in Ireland?

Staying in employment status as long as possible is always essential while indulging in a mortgage process. It gives you the confidence and strength to manage monthly instalments for an extended period.

What is the age limit for a mortgage in Ireland?

We are ready to offer a mortgage age limit from 21 years to 70 years, depending upon one’s financial capability. Our home loan deals match everyone’s financial ends.


Looking for Residential Home Loan or Commercial Mortgage? See What Benefits You Get

IrishHomeLoans ensure a smooth mortgage process where one quickly gets the deal without any stress. We have brought all the necessary information for you and eliminated any confusion while interacting with us. You have a better chance of getting a mortgage with flexible terms, affordable rates, and maximum approval chances with us. Your bad credit does not stop us from approving your application. You qualify for a specialised mortgage deal with the additional benefit of improving your credit scores.

There are many more advantages of our mortgage in Ireland, including:-

  • Fixed and Variable Interest Rates
  • Redraw Facility
  • Fee-Free Mortgage Advice
  • Loans for Individuals, Businesses and Commercial activities
  • Exceptional mortgage rates for first-time buyers
  • Flexible Repayment Terms
  • Same Day Mortgage Approval
  • Payment Breaks are allowed
  • Personalised Remortgage Deals
  • No impact of Bad Credit Score
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How to Apply for a Mortgage at IrishHomeLoans?

Our company shows true dedication in helping you in turning your homeownership dreams into reality. We stay committed to what we promise and thus keep the application process as simple as possible. It will be 100% online, which means you get everything at a faster speed.


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If you want to buy a home, are looking for a remortgage or moving home, start applying for a home loan with us now. It will hardly take a few minutes to complete. Keep your documents ready to have our instant response.


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After receiving your mortgage application, one of our representatives quickly calls you. This is to confirm your loan eligibility and to remove any confusion if you have.


A Quick Assessment

We quickly verify your application and the documents. It won’t take too much time, and soon you will get a confirmation call from us.


Mortgage Approved

The good news is that we have approved your application. You will soon receive the desired amount to your bank account within 24 hours.

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